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1941 Gibson ES-300N
Historical - Natural
"Like an L-7; only 147 of these were made in 1941! 17’ archtop w/ parallel-braced carved solid spruce triple-bound top and carved maple back/sides (also solid); has original diagonal 4’ PU, with tortoise cover, which puts out reasonably, original tag!; original L-5 style tailpiece (and end pin) with pointed ends and raised diamonds/arrows (worth $800 alone), original bridge (some cutaway to allow for bridge/PU position) and very nice original bakelite 3-point knobs; super nice flame and rare natural finish has fairly light finish checking; 2 repaired cracks on top, back is near perfect; FINISH APPEARS ORIGINAL ON BODY; Mirabella $300 Pickguard is gorgeous (old ones disintegrated); tuners are Klusons marked ""Patent Applied"" - seem correct era; I have a Charlie Christian ""tweed"" case that fits perfectly, but not included; all original electronics, pots, wiring; never an added strap button!; Now the bad news: in early 60's fingerboard cracked and was replaced with one that has ’crown’ inlays and 22 jumbo frets (should be double parallelagram inlay and 20 frets); a PRO job done by Gibson, which makes this a better player; two-piece neck with black stripe down middle; back of peghead is painted black coming to a point below nut; peghead nice; heel joint tight; binding very nice; has a soundpost (they were shipped this way); first guitar to have the crown peghead inlay and pearl logo; jack on side; historically significant guitar; was top-of line electric when introduced"; I have seen this guitar in worse condition with fewer original parts selling for $6500-8000
Price: $sold (USD)