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1965 Gibson ES-175D
Amazing Condition - Sunburst
EX+; beautiful burnt orange sunburst finish w/ less than average finish checking; original Pat.# PU’s w/ no splices (decals) and bridge/tailpiece (chrome PU covers in ’65 and bridge that does not say ABR-1 (has cast patent#) and has the wire to hold tuning screws in place); spiral tailpiece is nickel; solder joints for PU’s appear original; has correct orange oval tag inside; tuners are correct era Kluson Deluxe double-lines; gold bonnet high-top knobs (look original); Most importantly... this baby has the transitional wider neck (1 11/16), and is set up for jazz with flats. OHSC (Lifton tag) also EX and very clean inside; this is a NICE guitar with stunning tone and build quality!
Price: $5000 (USD)