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1986 Schon Neal Schon USA Standard - Model NS6 #91/200
Rare, signed, USA model - Black
These were only made one year by Jackson guitars (in San Dimas), designed by legendary guitarist, Neal Schon, who was seen playing this guitar between 1986 and 1991. (A band I was in opened some concerts in Canada for Journey in the 70's). Each of 200 the Schon guitars was unique-- different colors, pickup configurations and tremolo systems (I also own the black #18 with a Floyd Rose). This one is even more special because it has Neal’s signature on white pickguard (on a piece of tape); black lacquer gloss finish; 2 NS1 pickups in humbucking configuration w/ black bobbins; 1 volume, 1 tone knob; 5-position switch; charvel-style neck says ’made in USA’; neck-through-body construction w/ ebony fingerboard and maple neck (maple/alder body); OHSC (Fender style); EX condition w/ some buckle rash and a bit of checking, slight fret wear; stop finger (Ferrari)tailpiece is cool (I believe this might be the coolest feature of many great features of this guitar); has a JE-1000 active EQ (9v); awesome/unique Rock’n axe; This one is stamped #91 of only 200 made in San Dimas Charvel/Jackson factory and sure to become even more collectable & rare. I own two of them, both black (and I've not seen another one in black to date). These guitars literally scream, they are simply awesome, but I am a jazz guy so they are not my style of player. I think Mr. Schon worked very closely in the design of this guitar and its features, to his specs. It is very difficult to price due to its rarity and uniqueness, and while the guitars are not recognized today by the vintage guitar market (not enough of them), THEY WILL BE.
Price: $sold (USD)