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1961 Gibson ES-125 TDC
Another Beauty! Closet Classic - Cherry Sunburst
NM; 1st Year Issue. I LOVE these guitars! This one is very nice! Bold and beautiful (no fade) Cherry Sunburst; absolutely 100% original, a 1-owner guitar that was only played at church; brown Gibson OSSC is clean; very light; 2 P-90’s; these sound like a "strat on steroids", perfect for blues, and have a set of Lollar shims; original frets are excellent! This guitar plays like a dream, smooth as silk and very low recet setup. You will not be able to put it down. NO FINISH CHECKING; binding is perfect; stamped ES125TDC inside f-hole; ’Kluson Deluxe’ single-line tuners are perfect! It has the non-tunamatic bridge. A 1961 ES-330 WITH 2 P-90 PICKUPS SELLS FOR $5000... AND THEY ARE ALMOST THE SAME GUITAR EXCEPT FOR THE CUTAWAY!
Price: $5000 (USD)