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1975 S.D.Curlee Bass
Early USA! - Natural
Owned and played by a well-known Denver rock bassist, Mark Anderson. Medium scale, 24-fret bass; was the ’poor man’s Alembic’; 100% original; solid brass nut, bridge and screw-on toggle-switch cover; DiMarzio split PU’s (2); 5-piece neck is aged hardwoods w/ burls and through-body design; 7-piece headstock; Grovers; 5-piece body (hardwoods); ’Curbeck’ gorgeous design (walnut body with maple stripes); original créme vintage knobs; frets are great; condition is VG+; this is an early model with a low serial number (#2670), when still made in USA; Vantage HS case that came with it; basses with serial <4000 are considered most desirable
Price: $NFS (USD)