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1972 Rickenbacker Model 4001
Checkerboard Binding; Toaster PU - White
LD384 serial is actually 1972, but it has some 1973 features and early 1973 pots. REFI in white; black checkered binding has aged and there is a finish-only check around much of it; there is a little corrosion on chrome; only minor paint loss is at headstock, very minor markings on back, and lots of fine crazing on back of neck; original patent pending Grover ’wavy’ USA tuners (through ’74) are only tuners ever on this bass and they are like new; white PG looks like my other 70’s basses (somewhat transclucent on this finish), toaster/bridge PU’s are original, based on research. The bridge does not have a slot in it, as a '72 would . OK, the pots are made in Mexico and are CTS dated week 12 of 1973 (137-7312); fretboard is great and clean; slight indentations on fret wire, not refretted; removed an old store sticker back of HS (you can barely see where it was and finish is whiter); nut is black; OHSC has orange-red lining and looks like a Fender from outside; the ’1972’ serial is a mystery, possibly replaced? Has the '73 inlays, pots and bridge. Has the toaster PU and C/B binding from 1972, making this an attractive bass. White is very killer look and sought after, and it is aging to more of a ’creme’. Wiring looks original, incl solder.
Price: $3500 (USD)