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1962 Gibson ES-125 TDC
One Owner - Undervalued - Cherry Sunburst
A "Closet Classic". Probably the cleanest, most perfect guitar I've ever owned that is this old. It looks like it was just taken home from the showroom at "Abe's Music" in Omaha, NE... but somehow it rolled off the line in 1961. For this 2-pickup model, this is one of the 1st years made, to boot. I absolutely LOVE these guitars, and the vintage guitar market is slow to recognize them! This one is uber-nice! Closet-Classic Nice. Under-the-bed-nice. Trust me. Bold, glossy, and beautiful (zero fade, it looks "showroom fresh") Cherry Sunburst; and absolutely 100% original down to the screws. A 1-owner guitar that was only played at church (I was told this, and I actually believe it). It also has a brown Gibson OSSC that is also clean. SO many things to love: extremely light guitar, about 5.5 lbs; 2 P-90 pickups; these sound like a "strat on steroids", perfect for blues. They are my favorite pickups, and somehow the very early ones are the best. The neck is chunky feeling 1 11/16 inch nut, just really comfortable, w/o being like the baseball bats of the earlier 50's. The original frets are excellent! I mean just no wear and perfect! This guitar plays like a dream, smooth as silk and very low recent setup. You will not be able to put it down. Back to the the amazing condition. NO FINISH CHECKING; there are only a couple very minor flaws or dings... and the headstock, back of neck, frets, like-new back... well, they are all consistently near-perfect. Binding is perfect; stamped ES125TDC inside f-hole and a 5-digit 52636 serial on headstock. I used a black light to see all. There is one ding on headstock and one ding on back of neck. That's it. Near-perfect. A little aging to the nickel hardware, just from time. The original ’Kluson Deluxe’ single-line tuners are perfect! They look so new, I thought they were reproductions at first. It has the correct non-tunamatic grainy Brazilian rosewood bridge and trapeze. Even the gold bonnet knobs are near perfect-- they have all of the printing on the inserts, and again look too new to be real for a 61-year-old guitar. I'm 63, and wished I looked that good still, damn. The electronics: original pickups, all 100% original wiring and pots. Folks, these are 1960 or earlier pots, and after cleaning them (not an easy task), they work fine! Do you know what a pristene original '61 wiring harness is worth?? I JUST SOLD A 1960 ES-330 WITH 2 P-90 PICKUPS SELLS FOR $8000+... AND THEY ARE ALMOST THE SAME GUITAR EXCEPT FOR THE CUTAWAY. This is a rare opportunity to buy a '61 Golden era Gibson that is collector quality! And it happens to be a great player, as well.
Price: $sold (USD)