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1965 Gibson SG Junior (early)
Early '65 Features, incl. wide neck, Vibrola - Cherry
A '63 Les Paul Jr in EX sells for $4K+, essentially the same guitar! The LP Junior was renamed the SG Junior in 1963. Cherry finish is unfaded and strong; 100% original; VG ’7.5/10’ condition ’ has some horizontal checking (not bad) and a fair number of dings, gouges and marks on back, back of neck and front (front is pretty clean); one end of the PG is chipped off at screw (typical); never a neck repair; Kluson Deluxe double-line strip tuners; same as a LP Junior except that it does not say Les Paul on headstock (due to dispute with Les Paul); model made from 1963 * 1971; has original Gibson marked brown soft case, with handle in VG condition (a few tears); other features: preset compensating bridge, has short vibrola/tremolo (standard in ’65), single dog-eared P-90; pickguard does not surround PU; pot code = 1376504 (CTS, week 4, 1965); neck and frets great; desirable early ’65, since it has ’dog eared’ pickup and PG configuration; it also has the desireable 1 11/16 inch neck. This is a $4K guitar if it were in EX condition and said "Les Paul" on the headstock.
Price: $sold (USD)