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1976 Gibson Thunderbird 5 String
Flametop Custom Bass - Reverse Body - Natural
What a unique instrument, crafted from a '76 Thunderbird (REVERSE body style). Solid mahogany neck and body w/ ’tiger maple’ top; was stripped and refinished natural; altered to be a 5-string (this one is high ’C’ for you soloists); OHSC (replaced handle); nice condition, holes filled for the 5 Gotoh tuners and also has Gotoh pu’s and a massive Gotoh bridge; no PG; top has off-white binding and bass has original TR cover; has two mini-switches and replaced fender-style tone/volume controls; the PU surrounds are made of... yes, wood!; definitely the original HS case w/ purple lining; I have the original 3-point bridge/tail for sale.
Price: $2000 (USD)