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1968 Harmony Rebel H81
American Cult Guitar - Sunburst
Do you believe there is now a "reissue" of the 2-pickup version of this out, that retails for $1000!; Nice EX condition (a few minor marks on it); actually plays quite nice w/ like new frets; this guitar is exactly like the one in the Blue Book pg. 443 but w/ one DeArmond "Mustache" PU; 100% original and as cool as they get; 2-piece white PG; volume and tone "stick shift" SLIDERS!! And a tone change on/off switch (way cool!) w/ a NICE and heavy-duty, non-original, same-era chipboard case; this one is more rare and was actually made before the 2-PU one that came out in ’71, made from ’68 to ’71; a find!
Price: $SOLD (USD)