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1983 Epiphone Sheraton Matsumoku
- Antique Sunburst
1983 Epiphone Sheraton AS – Antique Sunburst EX+ One of the nicest playing guitars I own, this Japanese-made Epiphone was made in the famed Matsumoku factory (very good builds) and has “Japan” stamped under the gold ABR-styled bridge (with retaining wire to hold saddles in), a mottled tan tag color inside F-hole, a stamped serial number on back of headstock, (3022602), and original Maxon pickups marked “MK775” on the backs. The laminated maple body is actually in Near Mint condition, with no marks to speak of and a great gloss; inside one cavity it is marked “79” (not sure of significance, some have speculated 1979, but my research indicates this is more likely a 1983). The 3-piece neck is really perfect, including the frets. The only discernible wear is to the gold plating, and some picking scratches on PG. Guitar is definitely 100% original, including “E” tuners, all hardware and electronics. I sports some great features: nice weight (8.4lbs), some nice figuring, gorgeous (!) MOP inlays in the neck (triangles inside squares), triple binding/purfling on neck and body, and the vine inlay on pegboard. This is one sweet guitar, and I always thought it was undervalued, but now the market is realizing they what they were! It has a brand new EPI case (I also have a few older empty Gibson 335 cases). I am not sure how to date from serial, but this was predecessor to Elite Series, and has all the features typical to the few years they were built at this factory. I am extremely picky, but would be very happy playing this guitar. It sounds great, plays great, is totally solid and has nice appointments... but my main axes are early 60's Gibson ES-335's. EMAIL FOR PICS!
Price: $sold (USD)