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2011 Warrior Dran Michael
Rare Find; Artisan Bass; one-of-a-kind - Natural
Warrior Basses are made in rural Georgia, and represent some of the most sought-after custom made instruments made int he USA. Truly a work of art, hand made and all custom rare woods. This model was owned by one of Denver's premier rick bassists, and custom build in 2011. It was never gigged and is in NM condition. It features neck-thru design. Woods include 100-year-old swamp ash, quilted maple, mahogany, and purple heart. WOODS HERE ARE LESS GLOSSY. It has custom add-on features of abalone MOP inlays, including a sword at the 12th fret and purfling on both sides of the fingerboard. The woods are quarter-sawn and book-matched. There are extras including the wood knob package, wood and inlay on top of pickups and straplocks. Also the rarer "tortoise" tuning heads. Active Bartolini pickups, 18v. It comes with the snake skin case pictured. THIS BASS COST OVER $7500 NEW. THIS IS A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO BUY ONE OF THESE AT THIS PRICE IN THIS CONDITION, WITH FEATURES AND WOODS NOT OFFERED TODAY. WARRIOR ONLY MAKES SO MANY INSTRUMENTS EACH YEAR.
Price: $sold (USD)