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1959 Gibson ES-125 TD
Rare Dual-Pickup! - Sunburst
Perhaps the only reasonably-priced multi-pickup guitar from the golden Gibson era (the late 50's), w/ original alligator soft case; has checking on neck and front, but excellent condition; all original parts (including the 1959 Burst wiring harness), except possibly the knobs; Headstock has some bangs and there is one wear spot on back of neck at fret 8; This guitar has a chunky 50's neck and is setup with heavy-gauge rounds (with a wound G). One tone pot seems to be unresponsive, and might be fixed with cleaning. Guitar is nicely resonant. Gibson made a TOTAL of only about 1100 of these (less than a single year production of the 1-pickup ES125), and my sense is that many of these have been parted out for Les Pauls; made from ‘57 to ‘63; Undervalued IMO
Price: $3000 (USD)