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1983 Fender Stratocaster
Smith-era Stratocaster w Rosewood Neck - Sienna Burst
This guitar (late 1983 or early 1984) is quite rare, with features that only lasted a year and 1/2, implemented by Dan Smith who joined Fender in 1981. This was called a Standard Stratocaster, and this version came out in mid-1983 and had a pickguard-mounted input jack and only 2 knobs (these features were not popular, hence the guitar was discontinued in 1984. This guitar is 100% original (including the OHSC) and in EX condition, and in a nice color that is a bit harder to find. The neck is immaculate (frets are like new and hardly any wear at all) and back of it has taken on a golden aged color. It also has the rare ROSEWOOD fingerboard and no locking nut! There is some very fine wear on back, but no deep worming. A few dings. It has great tone with the X-1 configuration, and I find the front-loaded )no cavity!) FREEFLYTE tremolo holds tune just fine, despite what you might read. THIS GUITAR IS ACTUALLY PRETTY RARE AND SINCE IT IS UNPOPULAR (THE STRAT-HEADS INSIST IT IS NOT A SMITH STRAT!) I THINK IT MAY BE UNDERVALUED NOW AS WELL.
Price: $1700 (USD)