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1972 Ibanez ES175 (Model 2355)
Lawsuit Copy - Sunburst
Early 70’s; earlier style bridge (not a tune-a-matic); ’lawsuit’ headstock (pre 1975); nice sunburst; set-neck (this is big deal!); has some finish checking on sides and top and a couple dings, but nice overall condition. Back is very nice, has some checking in neck heel plate. A small hole drilled on top for some reason. Spruce top, maple back and sides (all laminate). PU’s are not marked’ Super 70’s’ They are likely Maxons from this era, 6 poles screw into brass backplate; has Gibson-type ’zig-zag’ tube tailpiece and Gibson style replacement barrel knobs ; not much wear at all on frets; has a soft case; tuners replaced (unmarked Schaller type), but new-condition originals are in the case; one PU ring is cracked; says ’Perry’s Music, Villa Park’ on headstock sticker; had a setup (w/ .012’s) by Scott Baxendale (frets were done too). Toggle switch on bass bout indicates this guitar is late ’72 at earliest.
Price: $1900 (USD)