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1978 Ibanez Artist Custom Model 2710
A "tank" and also RARE & Exotic - Natural
This brings back fond memories. I remember the working R&B musician I bought this from, back around 1980 when I was still playing guitar instead of bass. He LOVED this guitar and was devastated to have to sell it, and I actually felt guilty for buying it from him and wanted to almost give it back to him, plus his money. He went on and on about how amazing it was... needless to say, I was also impressed. Of course, this is what Japan was doing in the 70's, and specifically the upper-end appointments, build quality and features IBANEZ was cranking out (IMO, basically kicking Gibson's and Fender's butts at the quality-price-ratio, but also "stealing" some ideas along the way (welcome, Lawsuit Era)! The Artist Series 2700/2710 first showed up in Ibanez catalogs in 1977, and were only made a couple years. They were the top-of-the-line and represented the epitome of high-end, custom guitar building (at a reasonable price) in those days. This particular upper-end guitar was only made in 1977/1978, as far as I know (the other "Artist" models mid-to-late 70's). On a 24 3/4 inch scale neck, it features an ebony fingerboard w/ real abalone pearl dot inlays; like-new JUMBO frets ( I recall it was refretted right before he sold it, and has barely been played since, so still like new). The back of the neck is immaculate... and yes, it is a 7-piece "through-body" construction neck made of maple and walnut. Goodness, they even used brass dots for fretboard side-markers on bass side!! There are two 3-way toggle switches for parallel/split/series pickup variations, plus a 3-way toggle on the bout (it actually has a brass knob!) The hand-made brass TR cover says ’Artist’, and this one has 4 SOLID brass tone/vol knobs. They have rubber grips, and I've not seen these or the toggle tip in brass often (I suspect they are NOT after-market, but original). The rest of the hardware and the two back plates are metal and gold-plated, including the Gibraltor bridge and "cloud"stop tailpiece, strap buttons). The original Velve "pat pend" tuners w/ white "pearloid" buttons work great, and all have "thumbwheels" that assist in locking them tight once in tune (one is missing a cover plate, so the gear inside shows). Some people put on exact replacement Grover Rotomatics, but these seem to hold tune well . As with other Artists, it of course has the famed Tri-Sound "Super 88" pickups with no visible pole pieces. What a range of versatile tonal variations with these pickups and the various toggles... mind boggling! And great sustain. VG+ condition, with just a few nicks and player wear; no binding; EXOTIC WOODS include amazing "sandwich" of exotic woods: maple / highly-figured ash on top and zebrawood on back (I believe), w/ 7-piece thru-body neck (walnut and rock maple); the lacquer on this bad boy is like nails-- the guitar is a SHERMAN TANK and really quite stunning as well as heavy (10lbs). The headstock veneer is another hardwood, maybe ash, from the grain, but w/o the amazing figuring. THIS GUITAR HAS THE BEST TOP I'VE EVER SEEN ON AN IBANEZ ARTIST-- THE GRAIN AND FIGURING IS SUPERB. It plays great and is solid as a rock, but needing a new set of strings. All electronics are also fine. The Anvil case is gone, but it comes in a high-quality MBT poly-foam form-fitted zipper case. It is great protection, but also very lightweight. Wish they still made these. Awesome opportunity to buy a rare piece of guitar history.
Price: $sold (USD)