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1995 GL G&L George Fullerton Signature
1'st Year Issue! Rare Color; Signed Book - Sparkle Red
As I post this, I note that George Fullerton, who was a close associate of Leo Fender and contributed so much to Fender, G&L and MusicMan, passed away on July 4, 2009. Fitting day. RIP. This guitar, similar to a 1957 Strat, is a tribute to him, and is special for several reasons. It is a 1st year of issue model; plastic OHSC missing a latch; sparkle (flake) red; NM (very little playing wear); great feeling 3-bolt (made only 2 years before 4-bolt) V-neck; neck is dated April 1995, and is marked a #1 neck; came with signed certificate and George's signed book titled "Guitar Legends: The Evolution of the Guitar from Fender to G&L"; very low/early serial number, GF0110 (this model was not made until 1995, and into 2007); alder; 12-inch neck radius; Schallers; 1 5/8 nut; alnico V single coil PU’s
Price: $sold (USD)