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1975 Fender Stratocaster
Up and Comer - Black
Hoo Boy. Black w/ maple neck (stamped 0903 3455: 09 is Strat, 03 is custom color, maple neck, and the 2nd to last 5 is 1975; 34th week)); desireable WHITE plastic is all EX and original (incl 3-spoke knobs); EX 9/10 condition, stored since the 80s; there is some finish checking (only flaw), but very few dings; very good gloss and color; neck is super nice, and has great birdseye FLAME and figures (like a custom shop neck); guitar weighs in at a reasonable 8 lbs on my digital scale; neck is in EX condition with hardly any wear to original frets, and only one ding on back; 3-bolt neckplate, 2 string trees, original tremolo bar; thin copper shielding inside added, but can be removed; original F tuners put back on (one extra hole drilled); original tremolo. 5-way switch (it is an old CRL stock part); pots (CTS, dated 1975 week 17), original pickups: flat pole, grey bottoms with 83875 stamped on all 3; very clean OHSC
Price: $4195 (USD)