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1927 Gibson TB-1 Tenor Banjo
Serial on pot: 8627-83 -
This simple-but-awesome "Style 1" pre-war banjo has the 11’ diameter head; maple resonator and neck (which was the same woods used on the Mastertones back then ("air seasoned choice white northern maple", per their brochure); nickel plating. It is a full resonator model, with a brass hoop on top rim, the adjustable truss rod, two-tab Grover tuners, and this particular one has a DIAMOND flange and ’shoe and bracket’ construction; ebonized board w/ dot inlays, Grover tension tailpiece, Grover bridge; ’The Gibson’ Coke Bottle styled peghead has silk-screened logo; also has Gibson tag inside; very clean EX and original condition (much cleaner and more original than almost all I've seen) with very little neck/fret wear, near-perfect chrome, clean-as-a-whistle inside, and some light checking on back of resonator! A special bonus is the original hard shell case-- original handle, felt interior, also in nice condition for being 93 years old. And we do not know who that special woman is on the picture inside the case pocket-- but the picture alone is "priceless". I just tightened up everything (coordinator rod, head lugs, truss rod). It is not missing any lugs. It has a new set of strings, and I tried to find the sweet spot for the bridge, but might need a bit more of a tune-up than I am capable of giving it. To my ear, this old boy sings. I'd hope someone buys it to play in jazz or Irish tuning, or even guitar tuning (which I might try myself), but many do conversions... Arthur Hatfield does conversions on these, but post ’33 era are the most desirable ones.
Price: $sold (USD)