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1989 Fender USA - Malmsteen Stratocaster
Early Model Features! Awesome patina! - White
With serial# SE803498, pot codes dating to 1989 and a neck date of April 1990, this early Signature Edition Strat still has the first edition Malmsteen features (they've changed considerably over 4 distinct versions, but are still made, and sell for $1700, without near the mojo this one has... it's PERFECT in vibe! 1988 was first year of issue; early color and vintage white finish has an even richer, darker vintage patina. This early one has the small 50's style headstock, standard 2-point tremolo, scalloped maple 21-fret fingerboard (the scalloping was less severe and the frets narrower on earlier models); DiMarzio pickups without the ugly logos, thank-you (HS-3’s in bridge and neck with vintage Fender PU in mid, poles lowered all the way to PG); cloth wire (not plastic); no bullet truss rod yet; the brass nut of course, stock DiMarzio vintage Kluson style tuners; Now... EX 8/10 condition’ there are some minor dings on edge, a little paint loss on corners of neck plate, and some player wear, although frets and neck are clean; 100% stock; has original tweed case that is in VG condition with some rust on hinges; I will throw in a special BONUS: comes with the 1988 Guitar Player magazine that features Yngwie Malmsteen. A SCREAMER.
Price: $sold (USD)