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1967 Fender Bronco
Nitro Finish! - Red
Folks, this is one of the only Fender guitars from the 60's you can touch for close to $1k. Granted, it was issued as a student model, and is named similar to a very mediocre vehicle... but still, this baby has some serious mojo! It was actually a one-PU version of the Mustang. Here we have the 1st year made (neck stamp is 16OCT67B); fiesta red; pretty darn clean! NITRO finish. Headstock checked; some fret wear; PG has awesome patina! It has what could be original fair condition case, orange lined, which I know was used on other similar small solidbodies from Fender. All original, except it has standard Fender knobs; I also have the Silverface '68 amp! Would like to sell as a set ($1900), since it was originally purchased as a set.... which is so cool.
Price: $1300 (USD)