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1963 Kay K672 - Swingmaster and Kay Vanguard Vibrato Amp Set
Sooo Coool! - Sunburst
ART DECO I love original sets! I just sold an original '67 Fender Bronco guitar/amp set, and the buyer is ecstatic! He is also preserving history and keeping things properly connected. So I am happy too. I never split them. They are like siblings... meant to be together until the end. Don't get me started on "the end"... I acquired this set from what I think was original owner. Both the Kay Swingmaster and 704A Vibrato Vanguard Amp date to the early-mid 60's. The guitar: A serial is stamped inside: L9807-- but I do not think it means anything. This is one of the nicest Kays I've played. It has fantastic sounding "Kleenex Box" pickups and has been fairly recently set up with 10's to play amazingly well. The condition is also better than most, with some nice flame. A piece of Rock ’n Roll history, very clean and 100% original. ’Gold K’ ’Kleenex’ Gibson-wound P-35 pickups (Barney Kessel); a Venetian cutaway; cool B/W checkerboard binding on top; nice flame! Bolt-on neck, with very little fretwear, block inlays and vintage open-back Grovers (like on Martins, worth $200 alone); EX condition overall, a few dings, chips/wear around the "mirror" PU surrounds, but amazingly well-preserved; it has a generic chipboard case, not original. Both pickups work perfectly, in part because I had them rewound by Lindy Fralin (he is still "the man" when it comes to vintage rewinds). Most old Kay pickups and wiring is squirilly at best. This fact alone makes this guitar worth the asking price, along with its imminent playability. I think these sound better than original, and also better than the new reissues. I've seen them selling for $250 each. This model was made from ’61 to ’65. Nice chunky neck profile, good action... great for blues or alt-Americana. The Amp: Serial A13827, with CTS pots that date to 1965. The Kay 700s were the world's first all-solid-state guitar amps! The "modern space age" style is to die for... 1963 Art Deco Kay amp, model Vanguard Vibrato 704-A. Solid State. VOL, TONE, and 2 Vibrato knobs. Unbelievable EX+ condition!! 3 inputs and an input for a foot switch to activate the Vibrato (it's really a good vibrato!) for that cool retro sound. 5 watts. Original 2-prong chord. Point-to-point soldering. Has 8-inch alnico speaker with plenty of punch, stamped 33A0004. Original tag inside. Comes with original Parts List & Instructions/Schematic (dated 1963, 1st year of amp) and.... can you believe it... also still has the original yellowed plastic cover to keep it dust free!
Price: $1800 (USD)